Vintage Chanel


The Chanel name may be ubiquitous with high fashion today, but delve a little deeper into its origins to reveal the brand’s true impact. Coco Chanel pioneered a look wholly original and groundbreaking. By introducing more casual silhouettes and fabrics into her collections, she liberated women from otherwise constraining fashions.  She was among the first to acknowledge that a woman’s lifestyle demanded both comfort and style.

But the Chanel legacy is well known today, having grown into a massively global brand operating under a flawless marketing strategy.  Yet the signature elements remain – the famous quilted handbags, rich tweeds and knits, the classic Chanel suit.  I particularly adore a color palette of blacks, reds, and golds, and with this in mind, sought to discover some vintage Chanel finds.

Investing in a signature piece will pay dividends; the look transcends mere fashion into the realm of the truly classic and beautiful. And, such pieces are easy to mix with wardrobe staples. Just add in a black hair bow and piles of costume jewelry… et voilà!


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