The Perfect English Cottage

Never overlook potential sources of inspiration. A well-produced TV series can turn into an unexpected design source. Take one of my favorites, Masterpiece Mystery’s Inspector Lewis. Season seven’s episode featured an incredibly charming and quaint bungalow in the English countryside, filled with well-worn leather furniture, books upon books, and the most amazing wall paper – and what wall paper! So grand and intricate; the perfect foil to the more masculine, traditional English cottage decor.

Inspector Lewis Room Centerpiece curated by LYN
Books in Masterpiece Mystery’s Inspector Lewis
Inspector Lewis Room Centerpiece curated by LYN
Masterpiece Mystery Inspector Lewis

I definately gravitate towards more traditional English decor; that is the worn-in leather, equestrian-inspired, rich wood, and masculine aspects. Not so much the chintz and stuffy bits. But masculine elements with a female touch can be particularly striking and unexpected. It’s the whole idea off joining the unexpected with the conventional. Suitable and adaptable to all tastes; it’s just a matter of degrees how much you wish to push it either way. For a beautifully appointed take on traditional decor, see fashion designer Bill Blass’ New York apartment, a study in masculine simplicity. Enjoy a peek into his home, along with my interpretation of the English Countryside Look.

bill blass curated by LYN
Bill Blass Apartment, Sutton Place, New York NY
Bill Blass Apartment
Bill Blass Apartment


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