Painter Gino Hollander: The Freedom of Abstraction

Abstract artist Gino Hollander painted whatever subjects roused his emotions. His approach was purposely undefined, preferring to create from impulse rather than strategic perspective. Spontaneity marked all aspects of his life, as he embraced the true definition of ‘freedom’. Freedom to create, to live life to the fullest, and freedom from constraint. He did not paint to pontificate or further a point of view; all output comes from an elusive emotional state.

From his website:

His work is a messy symphony, a dialectic conversation on canvas about life…life as chaos, as a mirror reflecting his stories, uniting perfectly into magnum opus. Gino Hollander’s work dares us to make adventures of our lives. To jump into a mud puddle with Italian leather shoes, throwing caution to the wind. To run wildly and free as Hollander did in Pamplona at the annual Running of the Bulls, reacting to the rocket blast each morning at 8 o’clock.

Peers with the likes of Jackson Pollack and Normal Rockwell, his prolific output is perhaps less well-known amongst the mainstream. Yet his abstract wonders prove modernism’s unique perspective still looks so fresh and captivating today.

Painter Gino Hollander curated by lyn

Gino Hollander

[The Elegent Universe series] comes from Brian Greene who wrote a book called The Elegant Universe. It’s actually a very good book which I read two or three times. At any rate, I love the term elegant universe. It is an elegant universe and it goes on and on. A universe which we’re the one billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a part of. But it’s all one. And life is all of one. We reproduce and so everything that reproduces, and that’s everything that lives, is your brother or your sister and one with you.

Part of his “Elegant Universe” series

Painter Gino Hollander curated by lyn

Inspired by the Sea: Gino Hollander


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