Modern Art Deco: Designer Achille Salvagni


This month’s Interiors magazine featured the Angel and Devil Mirrors by Designer/Architect Achille Salvagni, designed in collaboration with fellow designer (and cousin) Fabio Gnessi.

Further examination of his work sold via Maison Gerard in New York reveals a sophisticated collection spanning interiors to accessories. Heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement with his own modern touch, he incorporates such materials as lacquered fiberglass, bronze, ebony, and backlit onyx. Each element is carefully crafted with a heightened sense of luxury and elegance. He eschews ‘trends’ in favor of a totally individualistic design approach:

Salvagni’s vision has little to do with the taste of the moment. As well as his eclectic eye, he possesses,to the highest degree, that subtle and precious ability to deal with real elegance and discretion, mixing things that don’t belong together and playing with styles with a flair for narrative interiors. He is evolving more and more toward mixtures and turning away from the “total look” concept.


Shield, Cabinet Carved Noir Dorè marble, concave polished aluminium doors, gun metal patinated bronze handles, and gilt-bronze feet.


Giò, Double door bar cabinet Royal oak marquetry with a patinated brass top, inset handles, and decoration. Legs in gun metal patinated bronze. Interior back in antique mirrored glass, with clear glass shelves.


Spider Six arm chandelier Gilt and gun metal patinated bronze, onyx

He is also a proponent of marquetry, a painstaking and highly-skilled process of cutting luxurious materials to create intricate and unique patterns on a furniture’s surface.  A centuries old furniture technique popularized during the Renaissance, the technique has experienced a resurgence as of late by collectors and furniture makers alike, according to the Wall Street Journal. A movement embracing detail and intricate design, embracing the workmanship involved in making such pieces.

Luxurious, elegant, with a highly refined aesthetic, his pieces can sit comfortably in any decor. Borrowing from the old and infusing the new: Archille Salvagni is a true artist indeed.


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