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rattle me that unique baby gifts eamsCreativity, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. The three pillars of great design, and adjectives I use often in this space. I love to shed light on, and celebrate, individuals with passion, talent, and a sophisticated eye for design.

When I became an aunt a year and a half ago, I promised to pass on this curiosity and appreciation to my goddaughter. Fortunately, I come from a family who instilled this in me at an early age.Mid-century modern, Scandinavian design, and Frank Lloyd Wright are influences born out of my community and have helped shape my aesthetic. But how to find the right pieces that translate this passion into unique gifts for children?

The children’s market can be a tricky one. Lots of clutter, lots of disposables, and lots of confusion as to what is appropriate to buy. With some time and effort, I discovered some true gems from far and wide. And, I am fortunate to live in downtown NYC, a stones throw away from the MOMA store and other creative influences. With my business partner and long-time friend from Parsons School of Design, we hatched ‘rattle me that‘ to bring these treasures to the forefront. Taking the guesswork out of gifting.

yellow giraffe quilt naaya by moonlight rattle me that

yellow giraffe quilt,

baby gifts rattle me that art cards

baby animal art cards,

baby gifts toys child's best friend rattle me that

child’s best friend,

Rattle me that will share the same convergence of influences from design, art, music, and other creative inspiration as I do on LYN. A sophisticated touch without losing the childhood whimsy.

I will also continue my mission to support companies who invest in quality, not quantity. Whose innovation helps to enrich both a parent’s and a child’s life. And, further our goal of instilling an appreciation for great design at an early age.

We hope to reach that audience who appreciates such special pieces, and the innovation behind them. We are building a community of design affectionados, with the aim of long-term enrichment throughout every stage of a child’s development. A focus on longevity, not just on short term use. I am ecstatic to announce this project, and look forward to what’s to come. Great design, guaranteed.


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