Festive Black Tie

What is festive black tie? At first, it sounds fairly straight forward. Dressy, heels, etc. But looking for more of a description? Try sequins, feathers, and sparkle. For a girl like me, who could live everyday in black pants and a blazer, those terms seem both a bit puzzling and out of character. But, with a little bit of creative effort and styling, you can pull together an appropriate – and stylish – ensemble.

Sequins and sparkles are not much of my forte so that left feathers. But feathers how? Ahhhh… A pencil skirt in the fashion of feather like material. Leather waistband. A black top would certainly work but needs to be something a little more daring and outside the box. A patterned top trimmed in leather? Perfect. Adds a touch of casual. But up the dressy factor by piling on costume jewelry. The bolder the better. With black tie? You can definitely get away with much more. A jewelry overdose.

I culled some looks from vintage past, a little of a 70s and 80s influence. At least my interpretation free from constraints of any “definition”. A bon soirée to all!




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