Eclectic Wall Art Arrangements: A Dose of Masculinity

Decorate with Picture Frames

An eclectic wall arrangement are one of my favorite design methods.  Arranging wall art is its own art form, and reveals much about one’s personal taste. Some prefer the classic black/white frames, systematically hanging pictures in grid-like patterns. For others, it can be a hodge-podge of eclectic pieces, juxtaposed in unexpected fashion.

My design approach always falls in the later. There is something much more provoking about mixing and matching elements to form your own unique take. Especially when it’s a mix of different textures, images, and colors.

I picked up a new piece during a visit to my favorite vintage store in Minnesota. Literally in the middle of nowhere, Weekend Cottage is about an hour outside of the Twin Cities. But the drive is worth it; actually, the trip from New York is worth it just to search this treasure house of antiques and vintage decor. The piece I purchased depicts a rather foreboding scene – a dark cabin in the woods surrounded by towering trees. I was drawn to it immediately, already planning how to add it to my existing collection.

It joins a painting I pulled from my parent’s basement, one in their possession since before I was born. It shows two fisherman hastily pulling a recent catch up from the rolling sea. I’m noticing a pattern here – a penchant for masculine-themed pieces. Delving into this further, it coincides with my natural instinct to pair both masculine and feminine elements into room decor. Lean too much one way, and the overall design aesthetic loses its mystery.

I suggest a couple of approaches when incorporating wall art: balance the masculine with the feminine and use a trained eye for picture placement.

If I’m incorporating the two above mentioned pictures as wall art, I would use pieces from the other end of the design spectrum for balance, say an art deco lamp or gilded mirrors as accents. Neither, then, competes with the other, but provides a nice juxtaposition. Use vintage stores, flea markets, and your own personal archives when adding to your collection.  Don’t be afraid to mix high-end pieces with flea market finds.

To achieve a more bohemian/unstructured look, choose one piece as the center and work around it. Don’t fuss about keeping frames too in-line with one another. Perfection is not the goal here. Work around your center piece to hang additional pictures. If you need more guidance, lay them out on the ground first before you start hanging.

Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Pair the unexpected.  But make it unique. And, make it your own.

Take a peek at some of my favorites eclectic wall arrangements to spark some creativity:


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