Desks for a Home Office

diana vreeland home office desk

Diana Vreeland at Home

jackie kennedy desk

First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Ornate, streamlined, modern, or vintage, a desk holds a special place in any home. Whether truly functional or not, it holds the promise of writing, reading, and creative pursuits. A place solely devoted to personal projects. A home office seems the logical place for any desk, but it can also sit comfortably in a bedroom or living room as a style element.

I compiled favorite images, including some iconic figures and designers take on desks for a home office. Jacques Grange’s design for Valentino is a personal favorite; a 1930s influence contrasted with geometric walls and lush materials. The epitome of chic design. As for an individual piece, I love with the Modernist Desk & Chair from René Herbst from 1929.

Trained as an architect in Paris, London and Frankfurt, René Herbst was a versatile and prolific exponent of Modernism who sought to democratize the avant-garde. Originally an early supporter of Art Deco, Herbst swiftly asserted an identity that embraced the use of progressive new materials within fully resolved interior schemes.

Sleek, modern, and polished. The ideal foundation for your creative work space.

rene herbst modernist desk chair

desk french interior design

lee radziwill desk interior design

Lee Radzill at home

jacques grange valentino home office desks

Jacques Grange for Valentino


Writing Table, Leeds, England desk


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