1930s interior design is my favorite period for inspiration.  When I came across a photo from the 2011 Armani Privé show, the look immediately brought to mind the era’s soft palette and Art Deco influence. The 1930s are a fascinating study in so many areas. Political upheaval and economic turbulence marked the Interwar period. The design community reacted through such movements as Art Deco and Bauhaus, one favoring ornate luxury and the other form and function. Each incorporated materials and silhouettes indicative of the emerging machine age, a reflection of the changing society as a whole. The aesthetic still looks so fresh today when incorporated into the home. With the Armani show as inspiration, I created a 1930s-themed living room design, mixing in a few pieces from the 1970s to add some dimension. Et voilà – cool, comfortable, and terribly chic.

1.   1930s armchair in Macassar ebony by Jansen
2.   A Friedle designed Metal Starburst Wall Sculpture 1970s
3.   Joan Miró, Untitled, 1973
4.   20th Century French Coffee Table in Glass and Bottle with Latta 1970-1975
5.   Pair of 1930’s Vine Leave Bronze Table Lamp
6.   Russian Eagle, Hand Carved,wood Fully Stamped, 1930’s
7.   1970’s Chrome Frames Lounge Chairs
8.   1930’s Art Deco Vellum Leather Screen Chaise Lounge Designed By Marcel Breuer For Embru/Wohnbedorf